My name is Ross Parker and I am Director of Technology, Pedagogy & Assessment at International College Hong Kong. I am passionate about making learning a positive, anxiety-free process centered around personal transformation. This requires re-imagining school as a place where adult-adult relationships create a culture of trust, respect and shared purpose.

As an ICT teacher by training, I aim to offer learners a balanced view of technology in general, whilst encouraging individuals to understand, use, demystify and build computer technologies. An essential part of this is helping students, teachers and parents to understand the many and ancient connections between technology and being human.

I am the founder of Gibbon, the open source school platform, through which I have also developed the Free Learning pedagogy. With Free Learning, I aim to give students the freedom and agency to find their own passions, the support and encouragement to develop understanding and skills, and the intellectual tools and curiosity to make up their own minds about life. I believe that education should focus on learning to learn.

As a public speaker, I have presented at conferences and workshops around the world, as well as participating as a panel expert and as a regular on Hong Kong’s RTHK Radio 3.


These pages are my digital home: a place where I can gather my thoughts, lessons, units and resources, and make these available for others to use.

Encompassing all my work is a belief that I am lucky to be in the position I am in, and to have received the education that I have. I believe that knowledge is a right, not a privilege, and that what I know I do not own but merely curate. From this comes a desire to share my knowledge and content with others so that they may also use it to further their learning and that of others.