As a passionate technologist and education leader, I am keen to share my ideas, experience and practice via public speaking and professional development events. Over the past 15 years I have delivered over 50 technology- and education-based talks across 5 continents, speaking at schools, universities, conferences and teachers’ organisations as well as via podcasts and live radio.

Upcoming Talks

  • Presenter, 21C Learning TeachMeet, May, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, Smartphone Free Childhood HK, May, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, International School Groningen, September, Holland

Previous Engagements


  • Presenter, ESF EdTech Connect, April, Hong Kong
  • Keynote Speaker, 21CLHK15, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, 21C Learning TeachMeet, Guangzhou, China
  • Presenter, Island Waldorf School, Hong Kong


  • Presenter, AISC, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, The Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, 21CL Online
  • Presenter, 21C Learning TeachMeet, Hong Kong
  • Guest, The Educator’s Bookclub, Australia
  • Presenter, HKSERN, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, ISF Academy Staff, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, ISF Academy Parents, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, STEAMIng and Making Makers 2023, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, Bloomberg Asia-Pacific
  • Guest, The Peg Doesn’t Fit Podcast, United States


  • Presenter, Asia-Pacific International School’s Conference, Hong Kong
  • Panel Member, Outstanding Schools Asia Conference, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, ISRaP Agora, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, EdUHK, Hong Kong


  • Presenter, Asia-Pacific International School’s Conference, Hong Kong
  • Panel Member, Outstanding Schools Asia Conference
  • Presenter, 21CL Online
  • Presenter, Die MOS Inisiatief, South Africa
  • Presenter, Technology & Play Seminor, EdUHK, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, Ocean Beach School District, United States
  • Presenter, EdUHK, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, EdUHK, Hong Kong
  • Guest, The Peg Doesn’t Fit Podcast, United States



  • Presenter, Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference 2019, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, Teachers Meet Businesses: Future of Work, Hong Kong
  • Co-Presenter, IB Global Conference, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, 21CLHK11, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, EdUHK, Hong Kong



  • Presenter, Asia-Pacific International School’s Conference, Hong Kong
  • Cerca Trova Participant, Positive Schools Asia Conference, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, ACAMIS Tech Conference, Macau
  • Presenter, Shekou Summit, China
  • Presenter, Leading A Digital School, Australia
  • Presenter, 21C Learning TeachMeet, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, 21C Learning Conference, Hong Kong
  • Speaker, Education Bureau PNET Scheme 15th Anniversary Conference, Hong Kong
  • Guest lecturer, EdUHK, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, Education Bureau NET Section, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, Google Summit, KGV, Hong Kong


  • Guest lecturer, HKIEd, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, 21C Learning Conference, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, RCHK Transform, Hong Kong
  • Presenter, 21C Learning TeachMeet, Hong Kong


2010 & Earlier

  • Presenter, 21C Learning Conference, Hong Kong, 2010
  • Presenter, Drupal Project, Computer Studies Teachers Assoc. of NSW, Sydney, 2009
  • Presenter, ICT for Teaching, University of Western Sydney, Beginning Teachers Forum, 2009
  • Presenter, ICT & Values in Education, ESF Senior Leaders Conference, Hong Kong, 2009
  • Facilitator, CPD for The Gateway, ESF Schools, 2008
  • Presenter & Creator, SC ICT Certification Course, Sha Tin College, Hong Kong, 2008
  • Presenter, The Gateway & School Information, Learn 2.008, Shanghai, 2008
  • Presenter, Women Business Owners Club, Hong Kong, 2006
  • Resident IT Expert,  RTHK’s Naked Lunch radio show, Hong Kong, 2006 and 2007


At current I am available to present on a range of topics around curriculum, technology, learning, teaching and assessment, and am happy to offer talks customised to your organisation’s needs. The list below shows some of the items on my menu:

These session included elements of formal presentation combined with hands on learning.


“Thank you very much for your inspirational presentation on ‘Free Learning’ at the recent IB conference. I found it exceptionally enjoyable, challenging and informative; massive thanks and congratulations!” – Dr Gareth Lloyd, Foreign Principal, Times College, Nanjing

“You had the presentation of the conference. Your ideas resonate with me more than anyone else’s. You are a true inspiration to all educators. Keep spreading your message to the masses!” – Ryan Krakofsky, ICT Coordinator, Kingston Internal School

“I attended your free learning session at RCHK and I decided to use a modified version for our current media unit.  I wanted to thank you for the inspiration for this…it has inspired me to see how I can use this type of workflow more often. I am certain that it has met my students needs much better.” – Patricia Thomson, PYP Teacher, RCHK


If you are interested in booking me to speak at your organisation, please email ross@rossparker.org.

4 thoughts on “Speaking”

  1. rossparker.org
    Hi Ross,
    Thank you so much for coming to share your free-learning ideas. I could see you are a very passionate educator. I would like to give you my thoughts and my concerns; however, I know it’s a kind of late at the end of the class. I’m afraid my classmates may be tired so I leave my thoughts and suggestions here.
    1. As a parent, I’ve been worrying my 13-year-old who is studying in an International school overuses the laptops in home. Free-learning would increase the time that the student may spend more time with the laptops. It may need to antisocial problems or eye problems.
    2. The band 2 & 3 students in HK may have problems and difficulties to understand the instructions what they need to do. As I see the instructions is not written in simple English.
    3. I would say free-learning is quite ideal for college students as they don’t have to go to college for lectures. The college or universities maybe far from home. So, students could learn or take lessons online anytime instead of going to the college at the scheduled time.

    I just like to share my thoughts, and hope to make education better; of course, to think of something to get students more motivated.

    Christine Kwan

    1. Hi Christine, thanks for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts. Laptop and smart phone overuse in the young is a huge worry of mine, and something I work very hard to moderate as a parent. ICHK has a growing focus on outdoor learning, which helps to balance these forces in school. Technology is always a double edged sword, changing us in ways we often see only too late.

      Free Learning content does need to be tailored for the age/stage and general ability of students, to get a balance of accessibility and challenge. What you see in GorillaPD is aimed at teachers, and would definitely not work for certain students…but it could definitely be customised to work.

      Hopefully we’ll meet again some day!

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