The English Schools Foundation (ESF) is a Hong Kong-based international school system, featuring 17 schools and 3 kindergartens. I worked at the ESF for 3 years: 1 in a primary school, 1 in a secondary, and 1 at the Foundation Management Office.

Over my time at the ESF I picked up quite a lot of educationalist vocabulary from the teachers. Words like collaborative, co-construct and scaffold were absorbed into my brain and became part of the way I speak. It is only now, one week into Psychology for Teaching, that I have realised that these are all the words of Lev Vygotsky. I am left wondering at the connection here: have these words, in this context, come from the IBO, the English system, the Australian system, or somewhere beyond the ESF’s immediately obvious influences. Or is it simply that Vygotsky is just everywhere?