Teach A Teacher is a brand new student-led conference for teachers. The aim is to help teachers improve their ICT skills, whilst exposing students to a new classroom perspective. All schools are welcome, but places are limited. To register, email rparker@ichk.edu.hk. Click on the image below to see a larger version.

Teach A Teacher

Session Details

The table below gives details of the material on offer at the Teach A Teacher conference:

Session 1 – 14:45-15:30

Teachers Lesson Name Blurb
Evan, Mike & Julian Media Search Made Easy Learn how to search for interesting media (videos and music) easily, including advanced techniques to search in more detail. Then learn how to use this media to make your teaching more exciting. Discover why your students like playing video games so much!
Alan, Henry, Ernest, Felix & Clement Sharing Is Caring Blogging is a powerful way of sharing and communicating ideas, and is a great way to share ideas with your students and follow teachers In this lesson we will be teaching you how to blog with WordPress. This will include embeding media, which allows you to include multimedia content within your site. You will also get homework from this lesson.
Matthew, Fabian, Randall & Angus Keynote Awsomeness In this workshop we will be teaching you how to utilise Keynote. You will learn how to use themes, fonts, effects and media. We will ensure that you will learn something new!
Alison Hauka & Nick MovieTUBE The combination of iMovie and Youtube can be awesome! Find a film, download it, insert it to iMovie…then do what you want with it! And you know what else? You will learn to use green screen to put yourself in your favorite film? Your dreams can come true!
Julia, Jessie, Iris & Chloe The Adventures of iMovie The Adventures of iMovie is all about learning to convert DVD’s to MP4, so you can play them without the disk or use them in iMovie. As well as some challenges to complete, there will also be a quick but fun contest which will be done in pairs. There is even a prize for the winner!
Charlotte, Bonnie & Hillary Tips and Tricks For Mac Beginners We are going to share some tips and tricks for beginning Mac users, including desktop, Mission Control and folders. The session will be practical, so you will have lots of changes to try what you are learning.
Ingrid, Jasmine & Stephanie Computer Security Girlz We are offering a lesson on how you can improve security on your computer, including choosing strong passwords and keeping your passwords safe and more.
Charlie, Pepijin & Jacky Garageband Music Remix In this workshop, you will learn how to make music remixes. This involves putting a few songs you like together in one piece, and can be used to entertain and excite your students.

Session 2 – 15:35-16:20

Teachers Lesson Name Blurb
Sean, Sam & Christopher MYTC 123 Making YouTube Channels 123: We will teach you the wonders of making a YouTube channel, while finding out how to use YouTube as a learning resource. You will be amazed of what YouTube can do. We will teach you why your students love YouTube so much, and how to use other videos legally in your own.
Harvey, Steven & Max Chrome In A Nutshell This lesson is all about Google Chrome, and how it can make you a better user of the web. You will learn new, helpful tips and will have fun! Please bring your computers to the lesson.
Caelan, Naomi, Emily, & Jheny Mysteries of Dragonframe Dragonframe is stop motion animation software, and it allows you to make fun, interesting videos with your students. We will show you what it can do, and how you can use it.
Izzy, Marie & Gianna Remarkable Remix In this lesson you will learn an interesting new way to teach your students: remix! We will teach you how to use iMovie to make a remix, which is a mashup of videos, photos, and music. We will guide you step by step through the basic skills required tomake a remix.
Pepijn & David System Preferences for Dummies Learn how to fix your projector problems, change the language of your computer, zoom to show things clearly to the students and more. Have a better knowledge of System Preferences than your students.
Nikki, Maria & Charlie Google Forms for Beginners Forms are perfect for all questionnaires, online quizzes, and more! This workshop will help you learn about Google Forms, an easy to use system for getting information from others. You will be able to make your very own a form within the lesson, and who knows, you might learn to make a quiz mark itself.
Brandon, Brian & Nicolas Learning Made Fun With Scratch This lesson is about using Scratch to make students interested in your lessons. Using this application, you can help your students to make educational games, learning about maths and much more.
Mason & Julius Image Editing using Acorn In this lesson you will learn to create and edit images in Acorn: a free (for schools) image editor for Mac OS. Images are a great way to interest your teachers in what you are doing in class.