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Anatomy Of A Blog

This visual, which I created a few years ago, is useful for helping students learn some of the technical vocabulary that goes along with building websites, blogs and portfolios.

ICT-Unit-Y7-9-201011-Learning-Online-Anatomy-of-a-Blog Full Size Version (PNG) (right-lick to save)

Internet Vocabulary

This list aims to give some of the most important vocabulary for the Internet (including applications such as the Web and email). With a little imagination, this list can be used in different ways, such as an informal check to assess prior knowledge, as a …

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A Glossary of Key Words (HSC)


This gloassry provides a list of key words used in questions in the Australian HSC examinations. By making the meaning of these words explicit to students, it is possible to help them better understand what the examiners are looking for.…

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Wordle allows the easy creation of beautiful word clouds from any text. Word clouds are a means of displaying text is a visual manner, where the frequency of use of a word determines its visual prominence. A great way to use word clouds is …

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