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Swivel is an online system for creatively and collaboratively working with data.…

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Many Eyes


Many Eyes makes data sets available to users so that they can create their own, shared visualisations with others. Visualisations provide an intuitive, interesting way to represent data, and can be a great introduction or summary to a topic.…

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Wordle allows the easy creation of beautiful word clouds from any text. Word clouds are a means of displaying text is a visual manner, where the frequency of use of a word determines its visual prominence. A great way to use word clouds is …

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Mind Meister allows users to develop and share mind maps online. Great for brain storming, visualisation, revision, collaboration and description, mind maps are a great tool to promote higher order thinking.…

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Maps of War


Providing visual histories of war, religion and government, Maps of War provides visually interesting summaries of many important historical events. These visualisations, which combine maps, timelines and video area make great introductions or summaries to units of study.…

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