A few years ago, just before I started teacher training, I began gathering teaching resources using Delicious. Up until that point I had encountered a huge amount of amazing digital content, but I could never put my finger on it when I needed it. Delicious gave me a neat solution to this problem, and started me on my way to being a connected teacher. This innovation was followed by blogging with Wordpress, and more recently conversing with other teachers on Twitter, which has led to an explosion of further developments. Recently I have been reflecting on the process I have been through, and how it has revolutionised my teaching. This lead to some opportunities to run CPD sessions for other teachers, one of which (HLYIS) I have recorded and shared below. The audio quality is terrible, but hopefully it will be useful for some. Feel free to get in touch (@rossdotparker on Twitter) if you have any questions or comments. Finally, if you want to run these sessions yourself, the slideshow is available under a CC license for you to use: Edit: updated to better video quality video (29/05/2012)