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End Of Year Assessment 2014-15

ScalesAs has been my practice in the past, I recently unleashed an end of year survey on my students, with the aim of having them tell me what I can improve, and what they appreciate and enjoy. The survey, which can be viewed here

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Why Traditional Assessment Sucks

ExamI spend a lot of time thinking about assessment, not just because I hate marking (which I really do), but because it determines so much of what I do as a teacher. As a less experienced educator I actually dropped content that students loved from …

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Summer Projects

Summer holidays are great, but sometimes all that time off can be a little boring. To alleviate the boredom, students and teachers might want to consider a tech-based summer project. Such a project can be a fun, independent way to learn some new skills, as …

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Computer Guy

I am an ICT teacher. I run ICT at my school. I am seconded to another school to help them with their ICT development. I have a computer science degree. I used to work in ICT. I blog, I tweet, I tag, iPad (sometimes). I …

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Teach A Teacher (Mac Edition)

This unit starts with assumption that students are better at ICT than teachers, and that the teachers at your school need help. Students work individually but collaboratively to learn about various aspects of the Mac (both hardware and software). This information is then used to …

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Food For Thought

This is a great poem that sums up the important relationships that exist between parent and teacher, home and school. I saw it on a classroom wall in Sydney today, and it really made me stop and think about the way I teach and how …

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Creating A Digital Hub: Website Creation for Teachers

Recently I have been fielding questions from pre-service teachers regarding setting up their own website to support teaching and learning. I usually point people to a wiki (www.wikispaces.com ) or blog (www.onsugar.com )¬†service as a starting point, and show them how to …

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Sha Tin College ICT Certification For Teachers

As part of a previous position I held at the¬†Sha Tin College (part of the English School’s Foundation in Hong Kong) I developed and delivered a year-long CPD course to help teachers develop their ICT skills. The aim was to produce a challenging course …

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UWS ICT & Education Workshop, 08/08/2009

This page refers to a CPD workshop I ran at the “Beginner’s Teachers Forum” at the University of Western Sydney School of Education.

Information for participants: through this workshop I hope to balance hands-on exercises, suggestions, theory and values, with the aim of helping …

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Be Thirsty

I have been considering ways to motivate students, when it comes time to get into this classroom. I made the following video with the thought that it might be used as a primer in a discussion of what the students’ role is in the classroom. …

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