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Gamer Spotting For Teachers

wasdThis post was originally posted on the #teachICHK site at ICHK.

As in any school, our students do sometimes get distracted in class. However, rather than traditional distractions of days gone by (passing notes, firing spit balls), we see that distraction often takes the …

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Our School As A Box

Our School As A Box ThumbThis year staff at ICHK Secondary started the school year with a great PD session lead by one of our new team members, Phil Morgan. A deep thinker around creativity and education, Phil brought us up to speed on some ideas around creative thinking, and …

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Teach A Teacher

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Teach A Teacher 2014 - Poster_web

The Learning Zone

When we are too comfortable we do not need to learn. When pushed too hard, we are not capable of learning. In between is the small zone, different for each of us, in which learning takes place. This theory of the learning zone (or as Vygotsky said, the Zone of Proximal Development), is widely used at my school, and reminds us that in any class we will have kids spread over all three zones. Hopefully, with skill, we can pull our students into the learning zone for more of their time, thus helping them become more effective learners.

As there were no good Creative Commons version of this graphic, I have produced the one below, so please feel free to use it.

The Learning Zone

Digital Scavenger Hunt PD

HaystackOver the summer holidays I spent quite some time thinking about how best to use 3 upcoming whole-staff professional development sessions planned for my school. In the past I have found that no matter how charming, funny, well prepared or handsome I try to …

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Assess This Teacher

Gress LessonYesterday I put together an end-of-year survey for my students. Instead of focusing on lots of questions on different aspects of my teaching, I simply asked students to grade me in the same way I grade them: a comment, an attainment score and an …

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The Connected Teacher

A few years ago, just before I started teacher training, I began gathering teaching resources using Delicious. Up until that point I had encountered a huge amount of amazing digital content, but I could never put my finger on it when I needed it. Delicious gave me a neat solution to this problem, and started me on my way to being a connected teacher. This innovation was followed by blogging with Wordpress, and more recently conversing with other teachers on Twitter, which has led to an explosion of further developments. Recently I have been reflecting on the process I have been through, and how it has revolutionised my teaching. This lead to some opportunities to run CPD sessions for other teachers, one of which (HLYIS) I have recorded and shared below. The audio quality is terrible, but hopefully it will be useful for some. Feel free to get in touch (@rossdotparker on Twitter) if you have any questions or comments. Finally, if you want to run these sessions yourself, the slideshow is available under a CC license for you to use: Edit: updated to better video quality video (29/05/2012)

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