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Snopes: Urban Legends Reference


Snopes is a fantastic website that has gathered together a massive number of urban legends, hoaxes and scams and provides information on their validity and origins. Think of it as Mythbusters for the web.

Whenever a concerned acquaintance forwards me an email telling me …

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Scanning the web for news, this site produces a 10×10 grid of words and pictures that “Define the Time”: it is a great example of a mashup, where content is drawn from a number of sources and used to create something new and different. …

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News for nerds.…

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TWiT Netcast Network


Podcast network featuring Leo Laporte from TechTV.…

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Social media site providing a constant stream of interesting news on the web. This site has traditionally had a strong tech/nerd leaning, but now covers a wide range of topics. Social media is a great way to discover content on the web, as well …

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