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Adventures In School Management

Today I am presenting at 21CLHK9, along with Mel Varga, hoping to give other schools a look at the process ICHK and TIS have been through in variously building, implementing and improving Gibbon.

The aim is to suggest that schools need not be beholden to corporate interests in how they operate and manage their data, and that there is value in community, openness and design by educators.

Brand New Work Day

After nearly a year of waiting, I have finally been able to visit ICHK, the school where I will begin my teaching career in August. It was not without some trepidation that I made the journey to the Sha Tau Kok campus, uncertain not only of what the school would be like, but also of how far away it really was. When discussing the school with teachers from other schools, I noted much use of upward gesticulation, suggesting that the College really was in the middle of nowhere. As it turns out, the school’s location provides a great balance of isolation and accessibility, lending a perfect atmosphere for learning. The school buildings are low and sprawling (by Hong Kong standards), and despite being pre-used have been renovated¬† into a modern school. Wide corridors, airy classrooms and open spaces make it easy to appreciate the natural beauty of the area, producing a great fit with the school’s environment- and community- centered curricula. The gallery below contains some photos from around the school.

After two days of tackling thorny technical issues at the school, I am now really looking forward to getting into the classroom at the start of new school year.