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Summer Projects

Summer holidays are great, but sometimes all that time off can be a little boring. To alleviate the boredom, students and teachers might want to consider a tech-based summer project. Such a project can be a fun, independent way to learn some new skills, as …

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Big City, Small Village

Tai Long Wan (大浪灣; lit. “Big Wave Bay”) is one of Hong Kong’s most unexpected contradictions: a beautiful bay, fringed with white sand beaches and backed by verdant mountains. All this, only a short distance from some of the most densely populated metropolitan centers in …

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Sri Lanka

This post describes a Sri Lankan holiday I enjoyed with my wife (Danielle) and young son (Matthew) in July and August 2011. It has turned into a bit of an epic, so I have included a section of highlights, as well as a photo gallery …

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