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Global Issues Competition 2013

Cracked EarthToday saw the finals of the Global Issues Competition 2013 take place at International College Hong Kong. In its third year, the competition featured 60 competitors from 6 Pearl River Delta schools (GNIS, Harrow HK, ICHK, LPCUWC, RCHK and …

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Map Games

These games are fantastic, not only for geography, but for any subject where teachers wish to promote teamwork, encourage students to solve problems, remember patterns, learn more about the world or just get engaged. In the past I have used these games with EAL students …

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Ocean debris turning Hawaiian beach ‘into plastic’


It is easy to assume that if we make a mess, we can simply clean it up. However, this is not always the case, as shown in this disturbing video, where a Hawaiian beach is slowly turning into plastic. The video introduces us to …

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The World’s Billionaires


This visualisation shows the distribution of billionaires across the world, as well as a selection of the companies they are associated with. Why are there so many billionaires on America’s West Coast?…

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Global Rich List


This tool seems to be a typical “look how many rich people there are” list. However; it actually makes you realise how much money you have in comparison to the massive number of people living in abject poverty.…

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The 10 Most Important Technologies of Modern World History


Technology; for the most part; exists to make life easier. By that definition; we’ve got it pretty good thanks to the hard work of our fellow humans. In weighing the world’s most important technologies; we ruled out the nitty gritty that led to some …

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Google Maps + Swine Flu


This is really interesting; but the source of the data needs to be questioned very carefully! There are some good classes to be built around this idea of not simply believing everything that is on the web.…

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