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That Explains It All!

I have a friend in Hong Kong. We used to work together at the YMCA, where we both played roller hockey. Like me he grew up in Hong Kong, but where I went to international school, he attended a local school. There he studied mainly …

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Oldest English words identified


An interesting look at applying computer modeling to linguistics.…

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BibMe: Fast & Easy Bibliography Maker


Whilst citing references is certainly a vital part of academic research, it is also very tedious. By helping to create and format references according to a given system (e.g. Harvard, APA, etc), BibMe makes this task a lot easier. Simply search for the item …

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Many Eyes


Many Eyes makes data sets available to users so that they can create their own, shared visualisations with others. Visualisations provide an intuitive, interesting way to represent data, and can be a great introduction or summary to a topic.…

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Students can gain a new appreciation of the difficulties inherent in learning English, by studying Engrish’s real-world, visual examples of English gone wrong. Whilst this site is mostly intended to entertain, it can be used to provide stimulus materials which help to engage students …

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Wordle allows the easy creation of beautiful word clouds from any text. Word clouds are a means of displaying text is a visual manner, where the frequency of use of a word determines its visual prominence. A great way to use word clouds is …

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3D Warehouse


Warehouse of 3D objects for Google Sketchup. Objects include buildings, vehicles, furniture and much more, allowing students to create their own works of 3D art and design. This can be used in traditional design and technology subjects, or, with a little imagination, in subjects …

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