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Teach A Teacher 2013: Writeup

Teach A Teacher ParticipantsTeach A Teacher is part unit of study, part conference. Hosted at HLYIS this year, the event featured students from ICHK, and teachers from JIS, HLYIS, ICHK and ESF Kindergardens.

The aim is for students to work in groups to prepare and deliver professional …

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Teach A Teacher

Teach A Teacher is a brand new student-led conference for teachers. The aim is to help teachers improve their ICT skills, whilst exposing students to a new classroom perspective. All schools are welcome, but places are limited. To register, email rparker@ichk.edu.hk. Click on the image below to see a larger version. Teach A Teacher

The Connected Teacher

A few years ago, just before I started teacher training, I began gathering teaching resources using Delicious. Up until that point I had encountered a huge amount of amazing digital content, but I could never put my finger on it when I needed it. Delicious gave me a neat solution to this problem, and started me on my way to being a connected teacher. This innovation was followed by blogging with Wordpress, and more recently conversing with other teachers on Twitter, which has led to an explosion of further developments. Recently I have been reflecting on the process I have been through, and how it has revolutionised my teaching. This lead to some opportunities to run CPD sessions for other teachers, one of which (HLYIS) I have recorded and shared below. The audio quality is terrible, but hopefully it will be useful for some. Feel free to get in touch (@rossdotparker on Twitter) if you have any questions or comments. Finally, if you want to run these sessions yourself, the slideshow is available under a CC license for you to use: Edit: updated to better video quality video (29/05/2012)

CAS Coordinator’s Workshop

Note: since attending this workshop I have developed some free, open source software for helping CAS Coordinators manage their job. The solution is a module for the Gibbon school platform, which is also freely available. Please visit www.thegibbon.org for more information. Feel free to email

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Stephanie Hamilton

Yesterday morning I attended a breakfast meeting hosted by Apple Hong Kong’s education team. The main event was a presentation by Stephanie Hamilton, one of Apple’s education specialists from Cupertino. It seems her role is mainly to travel the world and advocate the use of …

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Drupal Presentation, CSTA NSW, 26/10/2009

This page provides support for those who attended the NSW CSTA presentation I ran with Peter Stidston, Chris Dam and Nirvan Gelda on the 26th of October, 2009.

Please use the comment facility below to ask any questions, or leave feedback. It would be very …

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Creating A Digital Hub: Website Creation for Teachers

Recently I have been fielding questions from pre-service teachers regarding setting up their own website to support teaching and learning. I usually point people to a wiki (www.wikispaces.com ) or blog (www.onsugar.com )¬†service as a starting point, and show them how to …

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Sha Tin College ICT Certification For Teachers

As part of a previous position I held at the¬†Sha Tin College (part of the English School’s Foundation in Hong Kong) I developed and delivered a year-long CPD course to help teachers develop their ICT skills. The aim was to produce a challenging course …

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Graphics: Isolating An Image From Its Background

As part of a UWS “Interactive PowerPoint for Teaching” workshop I helped out at today, I was asked by quite a few people how to remove the background from a picture so that it could be integrated into a presentation more cleanly. I showed a …

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UWS ICT & Education Workshop, 08/08/2009

This page refers to a CPD workshop I ran at the “Beginner’s Teachers Forum” at the University of Western Sydney School of Education.

Information for participants: through this workshop I hope to balance hands-on exercises, suggestions, theory and values, with the aim of helping …

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