One Day to eCommerce is a project designed to enable a group of Year 9 IPT students at North Sydney Boy’s High School (NSBHS) to develop eCommerce sites in a single day. It is ambitious and challenging, and aims to leverage the great flexibility of Drupal. The project was delivered in mid-May 2010, and despite lots of problems (and chances to learn how to solve them), all 9 groups managed to create an online shop. Two of the groups even managed to configure a credit card payment system. The materials on this page are identical to the ones used in the project, and are available for any teachers who might wish to run this program at their own school. Be warned though, you need to be technically proficient with Drupal and LAMP stacks, or have the assistance of someone who is.

This one-day project is based on the Drupal IPT Project I ran at NSBHS during my first practicum last year.


  • Presentation (Apple Keynote)
  • Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Student Materials – this is a large file (31.8MB), and so may take some time to download. Due to its size it is hosted offiste with Dropbox, so don’t worry about the external link. Depending on your OS, you might also need an extra application to unzip it. Please note that these materials are not covered by the site’s CC License, as it contains copyrighted images. These are used under assumed fair use for education.
  • Required Modules – this image file can be used to help students work out which modules to enable.


If you have participated in the One Day To eCommerce incursion at NSBHS, we would love to have your feedback. Please use this feedback form to tell me what you think.


If you are a student who wants help with this material, or a teacher looking to implement this project yourself, please feel free to contact me. The following may be helpful if you decided to run this project yourself: