2 thoughts on “On Pointless Human Technologies”

  1. Hi Ross
    It was great to meet you and the family the day before yesterday at Falling Foss !
    We hope that you made it to Robins Hoods Bay..and onward down South.
    I immediately ordered your book from Amazon, and it arrived today at our holiday place.
    Zoe and I will read it over the next few days with interest …as we try to restrict the children from endless internet use !
    It would be great to hear more of your walk as we are inspired to complete at least maybe half of it next year.
    I cannot find your e mail details though..the rossparker org contact doesn’t seem to work.
    All the very best.
    Steve & Family

  2. Hi Steve, thanks for sharing your details here. It was likewise lovely to meet you, and to now have connected by email. I’ll remove your email address and name from this post, as it is public!

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