Suspicious JoeyTo round out three years of ICT & Media studies, I recently asked my Year 9 students to study the art of movie making (you might have seen our Zombiefest work, which was a practice exercise for the students). As their final piece of work, students had to produce a trailer for a fictional film. Whilst the trailers were produced individually, they were based on a collective set of scenes which students designed, scripted and shot themselves. The result is an unusual combination of individual and collaborative, with some crazy results.

Presented below are the three best videos, by Coco, Emma and Owen (congratulations ; ): I thought the students did a great job, and any areas where things are a little rough around the edges can be blamed on the teacher for not giving enough time.

Credit: Thumbnail image of Suspicious Joey shared by students 9.1 under CC BY-NC-SA. Thanks to CogDog for introducing me to digital storytelling, narrative and so much more.