Trends & Techbnology Timeline 2010+In order to encourage my new iGCSE ICT students to delve deeper into the subject, I am recommending the following list of optional reading and viewing materials. The content and concepts contained in these materials go well beyond the scope of the course, and will hopefully result in students gaining a really well-rounded outline of some of the various areas of the very diverse discipline of ICT. Whilst there are quite a few titles, most of them are written in an accessible style, and are anecdotal as much as technical.

Looking down the list, my tendencies towards openness and sharing are clearly visible, as are my interests in the present, past and societal impacts of technology.

Notes: my thanks as always to O’Reilly publishing, who make many out of date print books available online: although they may be a little seasoned, they are still great reading and often largely relevant. Thumbnail image Trends & Technology Timeline 2010+ by Richard Watson, shared under CC BY-SA.