Having completed my first practicum I thought it would be useful to post the major artifact that came out of it: the unit of work plan for the project I ran with my two HSC classes. This complete document details a proejct whereby students in the HSC IPT Preliminary course work in teams to redevelop their school website using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS).

The unit can be downloaded from our here.

The main aims behind this project, derived from and taught through the syllabus outcomes outlined in the unit of work, were are to challenge students with the following aims ideas:

  • undertake work that poses a significant challenge;
  • work in a situation that is more like industry than school, including;
    • engage in independent problem solving;
    • work towards developing a functioning system;
    • engage in effective time management;
    • interact professionally with a “client” (played by the teacher);
  • produce effective written communication
  • consider their new system from the perspective of its users.
  • meet specified syllabus outcomes

Whilst the document plans for 4 weeks of work, it eventually took 6 weeks to deliver the unit, so some modification will most likely be required. Do keep in mind that this was designed to really challenge students at an academically selective school, and so may require customisation for use with other student groups.

The final presentation of student-developed websites showed that students had met many of the expected outcomes, and were, in many cases, capable of producing functioning websites suitable for use by a school. Students provided feedback suggesting that they valued the learning involved in the unit.

Remember, this work is published under a Creative Commons BY-SA license and I encourage anyone interested in it to take it and use it (provided you meet the simple license requirements to attribute the work back to me and to share your resulting work in the same way I have shared mine). Have fun!