Friday mornings are a great time to try new things in form time: students are ready for a change, and it helps get a slow day off to a better start. This morning I was thinking about giving a quiz to get things going, but struggled to find something that students could relate to, and which might be within their general knowledge. What I did find, though, was a collection of 10000 General Knowledge Questions And Answers from Looking down the list, there are a lot of questions that are far from contemporary, but which are really interesting nonetheless.

I decided to run a quick quiz, with the students split into two teams. I borrowed another teacher and his class (thanks Ben), to make sure the room was full of kids. To make it really interesting, students could use their laptops to search for answers online. The test, then, would be not who knew most, but who could search best. To answer, students just had to shout out the answer (it took them a while to get used to this, with many raising hands and waiting patiently). In the end we played for 15 minutes, and one team came out a few points ahead. The atmosphere in the room was pretty good, which most of the students getting into it and trying their best. Leaving the room, students seemed energised and ready to get on with the day.

Note: thumbnail courtesy of Tantek on Flickr, shared under Creative Commons BY-NC