Spider Web with DewReviewing my Year 7-9 ICT Course at the end of last year I realised that whilst I teach students to run a WordPress website, and also teach them programming, there was little in the way of HTML hand coding. Whether you agree with the assertion that HTML is a vital new literacy, you have to admit that it powers a vast number of the tools we use every day. Ergo, any well educated student should at least have a working knowledge of how to code and decode it. Thinking about it more, I decided that just HTML would not do: really, students should really be learning CSS and JavaScript too.

This unit is a relatively structured, teacher-centered (gasp!) introduction to building a website from first principles. The aim is to impart the maximum working knowledge in the quickest time, and then to ask students to utilise the knowledge later on in the course as they undertake authentic work for a real client. This is not my usual teaching style, but I am also using it in Epic Wallpaper, and I am interested to see how it will work.

Image credit: Dew on spider web image thumbnail by Luc Viatour on Wikimedia Commons shared under CC BY-SA.