Hard Lesson #7: Porn Is Not Sex

Zoo PornToday, after months of thinking, talking and planning, the door finally opened on Hard Lesson #7: Porn Is Not Sex. As any of my colleagues will tell you, I talk about pornography quite a bit at school, even going so far as presenting the issue …

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Heartbleed: What You Need To Do

Heartbleed LogoThis week, tech news websites have been raising the alarm about Heartbleed (a massive Internet security scare), and the mainstream media are slowly catching up. With this media exposure, a lot of non-technical people are uncertain of the risks, and consequently have a lot of …

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Hard Lesson #11: Guns are not glorious

ExecutionHaving been invited to read to a class of students for reading week, I looked for a chance to work with a group of older students who I have not taught in two years. The Y11 group I wanted to work with stuck in my …

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Half Old Portrait

HalfOldThis morning I was approached by a teacher (Megan from HLY) whose students have been asked to draw split portraits of themselves, half their current age, and half when they are older. Megan asked if we could use some software to age the students, and …

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Hard Lesson #12: There is no “normal”

NormalAlthough last on the list of 12 Hard Lessons, the concept of “normal” is one of the most important ideas I want to get across to my students. I left school with a clear delusion that there was a type of person who was …

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Hard Lesson #6: Failure Is Great

The last known Tasmanian Tiger photographed in 1933. The species is now extinct.

This post is part of a series on hard lessons to teach in schools. When I broached the subject of failure with students I really expected them to be more negative, fearing that school had probably sold them on the line that failure is to …

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Tech Logo Stencil Art

Tech Logo Stencial Art_4The last 2 weeks have been a real slog, with lots of late night work sessions completing assessment tasks and working on the timetable for next year. After some meetings this morning I had a 5 hour parent consultation with lots of gaps between appointments. …

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Should We Stop Teaching Handwriting?

FloppyWhilst I am no fanboy, there is one thing that I think Apple does well: phasing out obsolete technology. Whether it was floppy drives in the 90s or DVD drives and Ethernet ports in the 10s, there is no place in Apple machines for …

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Every Pixel Counts


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Hard Lesson #9: Good Grades Aren’t “It”

Exam HallContinuing with my aim of investigating hard lessons to teach, today I had a discussion with a class about the fact that good grades aren’t the most important thing in life. This is a tough topic in any school, but especially so in Hong …

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